Today for Me Made May I’m wearing an Elbe Sage tee. I made this back in July, and like my linen pants, this tee never got much wear. This was my first attempt at mixing knits, and at the time I was happy with the color blocking but not the fit. Trying it on this morning, I’m less critical; maybe it’s that I have my quarantine bod back, maybe it’s time. Sewing wise, I think part of my disatisfaction comes from the weight of the striped fabric: it’s super light weight. The sleeves are a light-weight fleece, but the combination is just… off.

“Bomber jacket, but make it fabulous.” Dead-stock Mille fabric from @stonemountainfabric that immediately said “outerwear” to me. . #imadethis #menwhosew #sewqueer #renaissancequeer

Finished linen pants and camp shirt this weekend. More photos and notes to come. Also, my sewing form has a weirdly high waist. #oaklandsews #imadethis #menwhosew #sewqueer

Finally finished this short sleeve @seamworkmag Negroni yesterday. Like my previous, long-sleeved attempt, I had to shorten the body before hemming. This time I also wound up having to shorten the sleeves after assembling them, which means I lost some of the taper. Oh well, there’s already another one in the works where I actually remembered to shorten things before cutting. The fabric was half off from @stonemountainfabric so I don’t feel all that bad about the mistakes. #imadethis #menwhosew #sewqueer #campshirt #convertiblecollar #shortsleeves

Pleased with how the sleeve plackets turned out on my current work in progress. #sewing #memade #imadethis #sewqueer #menwhosew #makemenswear #menswearforall

First of three muslins I’m working on this long weekend.

The Seamwork Negroni was the first project I tackled years ago when Carla was trying to teach me to sew. It sat unfinished in my drawer for at least four years until I got my own machine in October 2017. When I finally finished, I sort of hated it. The bright yellow fabric was a poor choice. The contrast red top stitching looked like Ronald McDonald-wear.

I pulled it out again last week and realized the biggest problem: the fit was sloppy. What worked on my chest left me with a sloppy shoulder seam. So I drew myself a “large and a half”: size L shoulders, sleeves, and neck; half between L and XL on the chest. Tried on the muslin this afternoon and I think that’s going to do the trick. Also, I have cute fabric ready for this.

Finished my @jalie_patterns 2451 this weekend, perfect for the chilly weather lately. I wound up tapering the back to get the fit right, wish I’d have five that before I started assembling. 🙄😂 . . #oaklandsews #sewqueer #menswearforall #imadethis

Neglected to post photos of this in all the denim jacket madness: first make of 2019, Toby K Charleston vest in wool flannel from @stonemountainfabric. . . #imadethis #makes #oaklandsews #sewqueer #janome #menswearforall #sewcialists #mensew