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Today’s post for Me Made May is a me made flub. I was — am! — super excited when @fridaypatterncompany released the #ilfordjacket: ever since I was in Amsterdam last year I’ve been dreaming of a chore/work jacket. So it was a bummer when I first finished it and realized it was too short in the body and sleeves.

The body was an easy fix: add a waistband! And I like how that turned out.

The cuffs were trickier, and here’s where things fell apart: I made a double length cuff, ripped off the original ones, and managed to get them attached. Only to get clever with my button holes and put them too far in, so I. CANT. BUTTON. THEM. 🤬🤯😭

Maybe someday I’ll have the patience to replace the cuffs AGAIN, but for now I’m filing this under “learning experience”. And if past experience is Ang guide, I’ll come back to this in the fall, fix the cuffs, and love it. Regardless I’ll be making an #ilfordjacket that works.

Fabric from @discountfabricsf, buttons from @moodfabrics and my Paris trip last year (green ones).